»It is a land of pomegranates …« Devarim 8:8


For thousands of years, the Seven Species, שבעת המינים, have played an important role in the food of Jews in Israel and the religious traditions of Judaism all over the world. The Mishna states, that only first fruits of the Seven Species could be brought as offerings to the Temple in Jerusalem. Today, we eat them on Tu B’Shvat (The New Year of the Trees), on Shavuot and on Sukkot – and decorate our Sukka with images of them. 

Hidur Design created its own series of the Seven Species. The tasteful designs are wonderfully suited to bring a new sense of beauty into your Sukka or simply as a colorful addition of interior design to your kitchen or living space. 

All works are limited editions (150 units) that will be delivered with a »Certificate of Authenticity« signed by the artist.


Have a piece of fruit …


The works are available in three production variations:

(For custom sizes and prices, please get in touch with us)



Metal Prints

12"x12" (30 x 30cm)
20"x20" (51x 51cm)

• Vivid colors

• Rich contrasts

• Lightweight

• Reliable and durable 

The aluminum is 1 mm thick and has a special, transparent coating. HD Metal Prints are easy to handle, they are weatherproof and impervious to fluctuations in temperature.

Acrylic Prints

7"x7" (18 x 18cm)
15.7"x15.7" (40x 40cm)  

• Depth 

• Intensified, vibrant colors

• Brilliance

• Crisp details 

Original photo print under 0,16" / 4mm acrylic glass. The acrylic prints arrive ready to hang with wall-mounts attached to the Dibond backing.


Acrylic Blocks

4"x4" (10 x 10cm)
8"x8" (20x 20cm) 

• Sculptural 

• Stands alone

• Brilliance

• Crisp details 

A block of acrylic glass,  almost an inch thick. The polished edges allow you to see through all sides to every razor-sharp detail in the image. Fascinating reflections from different angles.


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