magnetic blessings


»When you have eaten and are satiated, you shall bless God, your Lord.«  —Deuteronomy 8:10


Hidur Design’s Magnetic Blessings add joy combined with holiness to your daily life.

Put them on your refrigerator or magnet board and let them be your reminder of the joy of kashrut and brachot (blessings).

The colorful round magnets have a diameter of 3 inches (76 mm) and are currently available with four blessings.

The magnets have a high-gloss, weather-resistant finish, a strong magnet back and high quality, full color face print. 

No.1 HaEtz

   Blessing: Borei Pri HaEtz ... Who creates the fruit of the tree.


No.2 HaAdama

Blessing: Borei Pri HaAdamah ... Who creates the fruit of the earth.


No.3 Hamotzi

  Blessing:  Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha'Aretz ... Who brings forth bread from the earth


No.4 Mezonot

Blessing:  Borei Minei Mezonot ... Who creates various kinds of food.



Overview of blessings 1–4 in transliteration and translation with  an overview of the  specific foods for which each blessing is said.

Card, DIN Long, 4"x8" (105x210mm) 

300mg art print matt. .


SET (10% off)

Buy the set of all 4 blessings and save 10% of the individual prices. Two Blessings Cards come with your shipment for free. 

Ideal as give-aways.

4 Magnets 

Card, DIN Long, 4"x8" (105x210mm),  300mg art print matt.