»The Little Jewish Prayer Box has been so invaluable to me. It’s the perfect Jewish gift for anyone.« [continue reading …]

Yaakov Lui-Hyden, Mount Zion Guesthouse, Georgia

»I received the Little Jewish Prayer Box as a Bar Mitzvah gift for my twins. I was so surprised! It is a real treasure chest – inside and out!«

Navah Weiss, Israel

»The Magnetic Blessings have become my favorite little give-away gift. They are the perfect addition for all my presents.« 

Esti Pellikan, Israel

»Yehudis' art represents pleasure and versatile emotions in the most exposed way: through truth. [continue reading …] «

—Kim J. Stulmann, USA

»The Little Jewish Prayer Box should be part of every household!«

Andy & Jutta Eggert, German-Israeli Society Kempten, Germany

what is hidur?

Hidur Design Works is a graphic art and product design studio in Israel.
We specialize in the exploration of beauty and the development of a new and innovative form of artistic and high-quality Judaica.

In the Hebrew language, the meaning and purpose of the act of Hidur are to enrich, enhance and uplift our lives through Judaism as a way of life. By Hidur Mitzvot – the beautification of good deeds, religious practices and rituals – we transform our daily routine from the ordinary to the sublime. 

»Without aesthetics, you can't find the truth.«
—Paul Rand

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