What our customers say …


»Yehudis' art represents pleasure and versatile emotions in the most exposed way: through truth. She takes us through her art on a journey that stimulates us to live life the most exciting way, a real one, a truthful one. Not blinded by lies, politics or moods, but instead a life that reaches every corner of our being, destined to stimulate us to live life to the fullest. And when one travels to the climax of these extreme pleasures, one might encounter that the good in life, is the most authentic gift one can experience. Thank you, Yehudis.«

Kim J. Stulmann, USA


»The Little Jewish Prayer Box should be part of every household.«

 Our customers Andy & Jutta Eggert, Germany


»I received the Little Jewish Prayer Box as a Bar Mitzvah gift for my twins. I was so surprised! It is a real treasure chest – inside and out!«

Nava Weiss, Israel

»The Magnetic Blessings have become my favourite little giveaway gift. They are the perfect addition for all presents.« 

Esti Beck, Israel

»The Little Jewish Prayer Box has been so invaluable to me. Beautifully presented, it helps bring prayers to life and is a handy reference covering the essential prayers. It’s the perfect Jewish gift for anyone.«

Yaakov Lui-Hyden, Georgia


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