Emet (Truth)

Let truth grow from the ground

100 x 100 cm

Acrylics on canvas


From the Mishna …

When God decided on whether or not to create man, he consulted with the angels, his heavenly court: The first angel, Chesed (loving kindness), said, that man should be created because he does good deeds. The second, Emet (truth), said, that man should not be created because all he does is lie. The third angel, Tzedek (righteousness), said, that man should be created for he does acts of righteousness. And the fourth angel, Shalom (peace), finally said, man should not be created for all he does is fight. The score was two for and two votes against. Deadlock! So what did God do? He took Emet and smashed it down to the ground. And with a score of two to one, God created man. Another angel came up to God and asked in wonder: »How could you possibly throw Emet, your seal of truth, to the ground?« And God responded: »Let truth grow up from the ground.«