Jewish Art Calendar 5784/2024 Special Edition

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Jewish Art Calendar 5784/2024

Due to the tragedy of the 10/7 Massacres in Israel, we are offering this Special Edition for 2024. 50% of our revenue from this calendar will go to the Israeli victims and/or bereaved families. A new work was especially created to become part of the selected artworks.

The selected works are part of the cycle “One — The Age of Redemption”, a series of original papercuts. They form a graphic kaleidoscope of the various, often opposing voices in Israeli society. 

The Israeli elections in 2022 brought in the most controversial and (as a lot of people think) most dangerous right-wing government in Israeli history under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. As an artist, I felt the need to react to these political and social challenges in my work. The result is this cycle of paper cuts. 

You will have a difficult time deciding which side of this beautiful 2sided art calendar to hang. 

• Gregorian-Hebrew Calendar for the complete year of 2024
• All Jewish Holidays & Fast Days
• All Christian, Muslim, and secular Holidays in 12 countries around the world
• Parasha & Haftara for Shabbat & Jewish Holidays
• Counting the Omer


Production details:
• High-quality art print
• A3 | 11" x 17"
• 2sided full-color print
• 250g matt Art print paper
• Wire-o-calendar-binding for wall hanging
• Clear PVC cover sheet for protection on the front
• Stable 500g cardboard on the back
• 12 unique graphic artworks

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