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»Without aesthetics you can't find the truth.«
Paul Rand (1914–1996)


Hidur Design Works is a graphic art and product design studio in Jerusalem, Israel. We specialize in the exploration and development of a new and innovative form of artistic and high-quality Judaica.

In the Hebrew language, the meaning and purpose of the act of Hidur are to enrich, enhance and uplift our lives through Judaism as a way of life. By Hidur Mitzvot – the beautification of good deeds as well as religious practices and rituals – we transform our daily routine from the ordinary to the sublime. 

Following you will find an overview of our high-quality designs and products that we offer for attractive wholesale prices and conditions. 

little wordspaces

little wordspaces

… are the one of a kind artistically-designed small-format greeting cards for all occasions. 

Mishloach Manot for Purim, hostess gifts for Shabbat, Mazal Tov for birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or weddings – make your gifts unique and personal, elevate them by adding words of Torah and kindness.

Each card has a quote from the Tanach or Talmud on the back with additional space for a personal handwritten message. 

 It's never been easier. Just clip it! 


the collections

The Little Wordspaces are currently available in two editions:
1. The Judaica Edition in Hebrew, English and French
2. The Graphic Edition in Hebrew, English and French

If you are interested in custom languages (e.g. German, Italian etc.), please get in touch with us for further details.

The collections are in a constant state of development and presently include:

• Shabbat Shalom
• Mazal Tov
• Shana Tova
• Pessach Kasher v'Sameach  

• Chag Sameach
• Purim Sameach
• Chanukka Sameach
• Refua Shlema | Get well soon


words of wisdom & kindness

Little Wordspaces

• 74x105mm | 2.9"x4.1" 
• 400g art print carton with a glossy finish
• quotes from the Jewish scriptures
• space for a personal message on back 
• two designs | three languages — for custom language (e.g. German) get in touch with us
• all cards with fitting white clips to easily clip it onto all gifts


1 unit = 10 cards, 10 white clips
in a transparent gift bag.

Our sales price: € 9.25

MOQ: 20-69 units: € 5.50 per unit
MOQ: 70 units +: € 3.95 per unit

The minimum oder quantity allows a combination of the designs.


We are shipping all our products worldwide. Make sure to order early so your products will reach you in time for the holidays.


We hold our products to the highest quality standards. We have worked with our print and production partners for many years to ensure the best product for you for the best prices we can offer.


Are you a wholesaler? Do you have any other questions about our products? Please get in touch with us.