Modern Day Jewess V - Miriam

5. Miriam – The Well of Hope

50 x 50 cm

Digital Art | Acrylic Print



… is best known as the sister of Moses and Aaron. She is one of the seven prophetesses of Judaism and prophesied that her mother »will have a son who will redeem Israel.« (Talmud Megillah14a). Through her strength, insight and firm convictions, she encouraged the women to stand firm and fulfill their mission of Jewish survival and continuity in the midst of hardship and pain. It was through Miriam’s merits that the Jewish people were miraculously accompanied by a well of water during their 40-year journey in the desert, the well of Miriam. Her one big shortcoming was her gossiping and derogatory speech against Moses for which she was punished with a skin disease and secluded outside the camp for seven days … Miriam, along with her two brothers, provided the Jewish people with the ingredients necessary for redemption – to dispel despair with the light of hope.